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The Garden Cottage Nursery School aims to:

  • Provide a safe, friendly, happy and stimulating environment for children from birth to 4 years old. With appropriate adult to child ratio.
  • Create and develop a caring, welcoming community for pre-school children which will enable them to feel happy, secure and respected;
  • Work closely with parents and provide a broad and balanced curriculum from the Early Years Foundation Stage, which fosters the intellectual, emotional, physical, moral, social and cultural development of children;
  • Enable children to make an effective transition from home to school;
  • Help the children become familiar with classroom routines;
  • Develop independence and decision-making skills;
  • Prepare children for a smooth and easy transition to mainstream education.
  • Your key worker will assess the children continuously throughout the year to inform us of how they are progressing and to inform us what the next step in their learning will be. There is parent consultations available throw-out the year where you will have time to talk about your child. We now have a new method for the learning Journals and you can see this online, we like to share their progress with you so you will have a feedback sheet to see what is happening at home as well.

All this will be achieved by providing child-centred activities which:

  • Stimulate children’s creativity;
  • Enrich their language and literacy development;
  • Form the basis for mathematical understanding;
  • Encourage the children to observe and find out about the world around them, thus developing their curiosity to ask questions;
  • Encourage development of manipulative skills;
  • Enable children to come to terms with their own lives and express their feelings.

Children learn about themselves and their world through concrete first hand experiences which include carefully directed play and the purposeful use of language as a tool for thinking about, exploring and expressing ideas. We also do lots of fundraising for our local community and the wider World this gives the children understanding, respect and feelings for others that are less fortunate.