Inspection Report


What did Ofsted say about us?

OFSTED found Garden Cottage Nursery Outstanding in ALL Areas!

The setting is well organized and the staff team follow the passion of the provider as they show high levels of motivation in their work.

“The Children become involved in planting and tendering to items in the vegetable plots which are used within the Nursery menu. Coleen the courgette was recently picked and taken along with other items from the harvest festival to a local setting. Children have also turned their raspberries into jellies and enjoyed other vegetables they have grown, helping them to develop a good sense of time.

“Children play in a bright and welcoming environment. The good organisation of space means that children move around independently. They choose from a range of toys for use inside and outdoors. A strength of the setting is the wide range of quality books.”

“Children play in a stimulating environment that helps them to feel secure and welcome. Staff spend a lot of time to settle the children and to develop close relationships. This means that children are happy during the day and take part in a range of interesting activities.”