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Policy for equal opportunity

At Garden Cottage Nursery, children are regarded as unique and it is important that we develop each child’s individuality.


•   every child should be recognised and appreciated;

•  every child’s stage of development is assessed and appropriate provisions are made;

•  every child will have access to all activities, regardless of ability;

•  Gender, ability, race, colour, background, origins, will not affect any child’s access to the full range of activities and learning opportunities, or be used to differentiate such access.

Staff will plan and organise for the different needs of children, enabling every child to develop his/her skills and knowledge to their full potential, with personal high standards of achievement.

Our Nursery policy is one of caring            for each other

                                                                        for other people

                                                                        for ourselves

                                                                        for our nursery

                                                                        for the environment

Which is fundamental to the development of good relationships between children and adults; appreciating what each child is capable of, and being proud of each other and oneself, celebrating achievement, however small? Children’s confidence and self-esteem needs to be nurtured in a positive, caring way. 

Our policy for equal opportunity encompasses adults as well as children. All adults will be welcomed to the nursery in whatever capacity i.e. parents, carers, visitors, helpers, applicants for jobs and no one will be discriminated against.

Garden Cottage Nursery recognises the importance of training as a key factor in the implementation of an effective Equal Opportunities Policy, and the nursery will strive towards the provision of equal opportunity training for all staff, either externally or internally.

In the event that Garden Cottage Nursery had an inquiry from a family with English as a second language, every effort would be made to provide the Nursery’s ethos and policies via a suitable means of translation.